Our Approach to Education

Educational programs at Taliesin aim to make architecture, art, and nature exciting and accessible for students and educators. We believe that architecture, which is rooted in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), can help us understand the interconnectedness of the world. Our programs are designed to meet the Wisconsin State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and are intended to help students develop skills to reach their full potential.

Taliesin Experience (Grades 6-12)

This one-hour tour of the Taliesin residence with an optional additional activity is designed for Grade 6-12 class field trips. Built in 1911, Taliesin was Wright’s home for 50 years and the place where he would design his most masterful works. Experience the courtyards and gardens, Wright’s drafting studio, and iconic Living Room. Contact us to schedule.

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Hillside School Experience
(Grades K-12)

This one-hour Hillside Home School tour with an optional additional activity is designed for K-12 class field trips to the Hillside Home School at Taliesin. A revolutionary design for Wright, Hillside was built on three levels to follow the hill’s natural slope. Built in 1902 as a boarding school for his two aunts, Hillside houses a theater and a 5,000-square-foot drafting studio. Contact us to schedule.

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Immersive Day (K-12)

This immersive educational experience for K-12 classes will be customized to take advantage of the architectural, natural, or agricultural areas of the Taliesin estate. Groups may explore Wright’s architecture and focus primarily on design; or groups may hike Taliesin’s trails and focus on the native geology, prairies, and oak savannah; or groups may experience a day at the Taliesin farm. The estate is an inspirational setting for classes in which students sketch, paint, write or photograph. Contact us to schedule.

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Educator Experience

This Taliesin tour experience created especially for K-12 educators brings Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture alive for teachers. We offer inspiration on how to bring architecture and design back to the classroom, how to tie them to existing core classes, and thus instill the importance of architecture and design within both educators and their students, the future stewards of the built environment. Contact us to schedule.

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A (Design) Curriculum for Change

Our curriculum, “How Might We Live Now?” focuses on building bridges between students and architecture. It encourages students to create, build, sketch, and display their work, which requires observation, critical thinking, and spatial planning skills. The curriculum also emphasizes the relationship between the built environment, the human community, and the natural environment and teaches students about spatial planning and the various qualities of space. Through individual or group projects, students will learn to use model representations to communicate ideas for larger projects.

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