Project Lessons Designed For Grades 3-8

Taliesin Preservation’s education team is eager to bring the Principles of Organic Architecture as embedded at Taliesin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to students and educators across the country. During each project session, educational staff will lead classroom time, broadcasting live directly from the Taliesin estate. Educators will receive a packet of supplemental materials in digital form. A list of classroom materials needed for each session will be provided. Lessons can be adapted for ages 3rd grade and up and sessions are between 45 – 90 minutes, depending on the lesson and age group. Contact us to learn more.

What’s Organic about Architecture? Project Lesson: What’s Organic About Architecture? 

We are all familiar with the term organic when visiting the supermarket, but what does it have to do with architecture? In this interactive lesson, students will explore the principles of organic architecture through video and interactive games.

Fee per session: $75/ Anticipated material costs per classroom: $0

Student Space Planning with Blocks Project Lesson: Space Planning with Blocks

Students will use simple one-inch wooden blocks to explore how space planning can influence human behavior. In a variety of fast-paced block exercises, students will explore the concepts of space, the flow of space, and the quality of the space within.

Fee per session: $75/ Anticipated material costs per classroom (20 students): $50

Earthworks - Look to Nature as Inspiration! Project Lesson: Earthworks – Look to Nature as Inspiration!

Students will observe and discover the properties of various natural materials, such as texture, color, shape, pattern, and structure, to determine how these properties transition into art and architecture.

Fee per session: $75/Anticipated material costs per classroom: $0

Abstract Design Project Lesson: Abstract Design 

In this project session, students will learn simple methods of how to extract these elements of design to create an imaginative, personal, abstract design inspired by nature. Students will also learn how to translate real objects into abstract designs and create their own art designs.

Fee per session: $75/Anticipated material costs per classroom: $150-175

Student Floor plan Design Project Lesson: Floor Plan Design

In this project session, students will produce a fully rendered final floor plan designed to ¼” scale and incorporate their knowledge and understanding of organic design principles (explored in previous lessons) into their work.

Fee per session: $75/Anticipated material costs per classroom: $150

Shelter project Project Lesson: Shelter Building

Students will build a small, three-dimensional shelter model with basic model building and recycled materials and present it to their classmates at the end of the project session.

Fee per session: $75/Anticipated material costs per classroom: $150


Taliesin Preservation Pricing Discounts for Multiple Virtual Classroom Projects

Cost for 1 lesson:                        $ 75/Classroom

Cost for 3 project lessons:            $200/Classroom ($25 off)

Cost for all 6 project lessons:         $ 375/Classroom ($75 off)


What Participants Have Said About Our Virtual Classroom Sessions:

“This was a wonderful program! My students loved being able to visit Taliesin then learn about architecture. They really enjoyed the hands-on activities. Thank you for making this program possible with my students!”

—4th-grade teacher


“I was very impressed with how engaged the students were during the Google Meet lesson portions. We haven’t practiced many Google Meets this year and I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to stay focused on the SmartBoard for that long. I was wrong. They did great and Caroline did a wonderful job of making the lessons engaging and interactive.” —3rd-grade teacher


“My students gain a better understanding of Frank Lloyd Wright and the foundation. I thought the program was well done, well thought out, well planned, and well-executed. It was engaging and the students looked forward to it each week.” —5th-grade teacher

“We LOVED it! Thank you, thank you for all the work and time that was put into these lessons.” —
3rd-grade teacher



Caroline Hamblen, Director of Programs
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